Monday, February 27, 2006

Git Yer Culture On

Last night, the MuppetLover and I saw Lion King on Broadway. We did not take a photograph of ourselves under the marquee because we are not tourists. Here is a photo from the production; I did not take this photo, because that is prohbited. So instead I cribbed it from the Disney Website.

The tickets were a very unexpected Christmas present from LittleBrother. Now, if I had to pick one show to see on Broadway, it would not have been the Lion King, although I did have an interest in seeing it. So I guess in that way it was a perfect gift, because I wouldn't have sprung for the tickets myself. This was the most toursity thing I'd done in a long time and MuppetLover and I were thronged by tourists, giving me a mild anxiety attack. There were bridge and tunnel tourists, greater American tourists and international tourists. "Do you hear that?" I asked MuppetLover before the curtain went up.


"The people behind us are speaking German." MuppetLover gave me the 'gosh, isn't that swell' look. I did not start a conversation with these people, because I have a modicum of dignity but everytime I see a German tourist it takes a lot of restraint to keep from walking up and saying, "Hi, welcome to America. My name is Nancy. Can I help you find anything? Is there anything you find confusing? I can help. Because I speak German. Yes, an American who speaks German, you're shocked. Now, marvel at me!".

Anyway, the show is very visually stimulating and truly like nothing I'd ever seen before. I would prefer if it had been performed as a ballet because at this point, I really don't need the plot of the Lion King spelled out for me and I was much more interested in the costumes, puppetry and dance. The child actors in the company were really amazing as well. Great dancers and not so cutesy. I felt a little uncomfortable watching the Disnification of African culture and sad that for most people, this would be as close as they ever came to watching an African dance or musical concert. But then MuppetLover pointed out how many black families were in the audience and said that if this is something people wanted to celebrate and share with their children, then it was probably a positive thing.

In other news, my friend Bessie is performing in a dance piece this weekend. It is called Scenes From a Wedding and is being performed at some place called The Chocolate Factory, which is probably not a working chocolate factory, otherwise I would have been there the first weekend I moved to town. The rub is that this performance is taking place in Queens. Long Island City to be exact. However, I hear it's only one stop from Grand Central on the 7 Train. The what? Yes, apparently there is a train called the 7 Train. Perhaps now I shall point out that I have never actually been to Queens, well, that one time when I was moving to New York and I was driving a rented minivan with all of my earthly possesions and LittleBrother was riding shotgun. We were supposed to be on the Upper West Side. I first noticed something was wrong when we passed Shea Stadium. LittleBrother was not amused. Anywho, the point is, who wants to come see this dance thing with me? I can go Friday or Saturday night, but Friday might be better, since I'll already be about 10 minutes from Grand Central. It will be great. Please don't make me go to Queens alone.


MCMCMCLY said...

i have a three day weekend coming up so if you cant find anyone give me a call last minute and ill book a trip to see your friends show with ya.

I've seen the Lion King as well and share your sentiments exactly. I thought it was a little over the top - even for a big broadway production. But then again what do i know about theatre?

timmy said...

i know absilutely NOTHING about theatre, but gosh-darnit, I know that the Lion King was the best damn show I've ever seen!

What does it say about you when you gush and coo about indpendent foreign films and knitting, but wish that the Lion King was performed as a ballet? Who are you?

I'm with Oprah on this one: the Lion King is one of the greatest shows on earth (after Oprah, that is)! (And The News Hour with Jim Lehrer being the another)

Oh well...Hakuna Matata

Cupcake said...

What's that, Patriot Dave? You would fly out here an on aeroplane just to accompany me to a dance performance in Long Island City? You see people, that is the kind of dedication I am looking for in my blog readership. Kudos for stepping up Dave, I'll get back to you ASAP.

And Timmy, you knew exactly what kind of person I was when you married me. I suppose now that the Olympics is over I need to find something to be contrarian about. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Lion King, but it is definately family entertainment, and as a single urban adult, this was not my usual scene. If I had children, I would take them to see Lion King, and I would take someone else's children to see Lion King, but for grown-up's night out, I prefer the deep end of the pool. .

Anonymous said...

What? Now that show's got fire in it? Hey Dave, you don't remember any flaming buzzards with a fire-crotch dancer - do you?

MCMCMCLY said...

If there was fire shooting out of someones crotch I'd be the first to remember. There was none.