Monday, February 27, 2006

Tiny is the new black

Shortly after RedTomato told me her great (tiny) cookbook idea, small kitchen cooking, LaHipster rained on the parade and said that someone just did it. Now, MuppetLover has hooked me up with Tales from a Tiny Kitchen, the blog. Here's a woman living a similar life to me: tiny Brooklyn apartment, giant hostessing ambition, and yet this chick owns 19 custard dishes while I have asked a dinner guest if she wouldn't mind sitting on the stepladder as we are out of chairs. To see just how tiny the kitchen is, click here. Doesn't look so bad to me, but when you see the menus, recipies and wine lists this girl churns out, you'll know she's hardcore. Oh well, if I didn't include blogs on this site that betray my true status as a cream-cheese frosted diletante you could kiss BBRUB, Cupcake Show and all those knitting blogs goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I feel like cupid for bloggers. Make sure you email her that you've posted about her site. She'll love it. (psst - you can use the leave a note function on the top right corner of her website.)


bbrug said...

A friend of my family was a professional chef and cookbook author, and for the last fifteen years or so, she lived in an apartment whose kitchen was smaller than my bathroom. It was ridiculous. Oh, also, she was about six-foot-one, and the counters and sink were very low for her.

I don't know how she managed, but she did. Seeing her pull dinner for ten out of that . . . corner--it couldn't even be called a room--was like watching a hat trick.

A yummy hat trick.

Beta said...

The tiny kitchen site was so fun!! I can't believe she throws together those kinds of meals so frequently. If I had a blog with that kind of content, I think I'd only be able to update [at most] once a month. I love her description of how she goes about preparing meals, with a touch of OCD. :)

LaHip said...


I have a pattern for this for you.

Stacey said...

Dont sweat it Cupcake you did a great job on your birthday!