Friday, January 20, 2006

Oddly, the pattern was not available in my size

For all y'all knitwits: today Berroco put out 30 free patterns on their website. Most of them are ugly as sin, but then I saw this little gem. How badly do I want to knit this for MostFavoritePerson? So. Very. Badly. The problem with a project like this is that I usually do much smaller items, and if I go through the expense of purchasing everything I need to make this and then just can't get it done, I'm out viel Geld. I'm going to see if I can psyche myself up for this. Should I attempt this mission, does anyone know where you can buy Berroco TuTu on the internet? Patternworks is not carrying it and neither is my LYS.


Irina said...

You work in Midtown right? I don't know if you're on the East side, but there's this great little store called Stitches East in the Aon Plaza building on 55 E. 52nd Street. Their number is 212-421-0112...I know they carry Berroco. You could try them.

Cupcake said...

Oooh. Thanks. That's not too far from my office. If I can't make it there and back during lunch, I'll try some day that I actually get to leave here at 5:30pm.