Friday, January 20, 2006

Let's Talk About Cake, Baby

Okay this is the post devoted to helping you help me throw a great cupcake-themed party. But first, this news. EVed's Zombie party has been cancelled due to bitch-ass neighbors; bad for Ved, but good for me cause now I can invite Veddy and blogfriend Jesse to my party. I wish all of my blogfriends could come to my party, bust some people just don't have the good sense to live in Brooklyn.

Welcome to Janet; Janet's awesome blog, Slice of Pink, made me cream my pants. So much pink goodness! Also: strawberry stoli and 7-UP? Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.

So, my plan for my party is to serve only cupcake food. This will include snack food packaged in cupcake wrappers, cupcake variations and the "Make Your Own" Cupcake bar. For the cupcake bar I will make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Does anyone have a good recipe for a vanilla cupcake? The cupcake book I work from is The Cake Mix Doctor's Cupcakes. I'll probably take my frosting recipes from there. Right now I'm thinking Chocolate Buttercream, Butterscotch Maple, White Chocolate Peppermint. Then what? Lemon? Berry? I didn't have good luck with the Mocha icing I made. Thanks to Stacey, I have lots of gorgeous toppings to decorate the cakes.

For others, I'd like to do some savory items. Like maybe a Chedder Muffin or something like that. I picked up a recipie for Rosemary Orange Mini cupcakes from the link LaHipster sent me (and also some brownie surprise cupcakes). Kari, I am really intrigued by the Donut Cupcakes. Maybe not for the party, but could you please send the recipie? No need to put any books in the mail, but anyone who has any tips or recipes they want to share, I'd been really appreciative.

My plan for this weekend is to bake all the cupcakes for the cupcake bar and freeze them and if I could get any savory items done and freeze them too, that would be great.


Cupcake said...

Whoever suggested cheesey mashed potatoes in cupcake cups below: I like the way you think. Do you think this would work?

Needless to say there is going to be a serious run on muffin tin liners in Brooklyn this weekend.

Cupcake said...

Oh, I forgot, I'm also looking for a recipe for some good, boozey punch.

Irina said...

Cupcake, if you're going to do mashed potatoes, I say be sure to go with the foil wrappers! As for savory cakes...what about zucchini bread muffins? I have a recipe for zucchini/greuyer madeleines that I've baked as mini muffins before too, which I'm happy to share (have to go home and get the recipe should I send it?) My vote for a vanilla cupcake recipe would be the basic magnolia recipe and I imagine you can find that on line.

Cupcake said...

I think the Zucchini/greuer madelines might be beyond me, plus, I probably wouldn't eat them because of the zucchini. But for any other recipes you'd like to share you can click "view my full profile" in the sidebar and there is a link to email me there.


LaHipster said...

Dawn Z(ed) said...

I have the good sense to live in Brooklyn, I just don't have the right paperwork.

I have a punch recipe that I was given by a couple of Newfies while I was spending time in Qu├ębec. This was the punch made every Friday night in preperation for Pub Night. We would drink the punch, get silly drunk and then go to the pub at Laval to drink $7 pitchers of beer.

Anyway, the recipe:

1 litre 7-Up
1 litre sparkling leamonade
2 cups pineapple juice
1 litre Strawberry/Banana Crystal Light
1 tin pineapple w/juice

The booze was usually a bottle of homemade white wine and a bottle (750 ml) of vodka. Sometimes more wine, sometimes more vodka, but let me tell you, it's tasty and it will creep up on you.

Cupcake Queen said...

Cupcake: You've go to try the pancake cupcake with maple syrup frosting! It's so easy: go here.