Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Great Cupcake Massacre and other party mishaps

Yesterday, as I was getting ready, my doorbell rang and someone delivered me this book, a birthday present from Queenie. It's called "The Forest for the Trees: And Editor's Advice to Writers". Queenie's great note said, "From one wannabe to another - We gonnabe if we trydabe." Thanks Queenie!

The delivery guy asked me if I was baking a cake. I laughed; there was no cake in the oven but I had
been whipping up frostings all morning.
"How do you know?" I asked.
"I can smell it," he said. "Smells good."

And then, two hours before party time, the great massacre occured. I had taken the cupcakes out of the freezer the night before to defrost and I just assumed everything was fine, going according to plan. But when the cupcakes thawed out, they got all gooey and stuck to each other. I ended up throwing most of the chocolate ones out. It was a sad, sad moment in cupcake history, but what could I do? I salvaged 12 chocolate cupcakes, but they were so ugly and pock-marked I tried to quickly frost them and stick them in the cupcake stand. The frosting got all crummy. At times like this, it's a good thing that I'm not a perfectionist. I felt bummed for about 30 seconds, and then was like, hmm, let's ladle up some of that sangria.

About 40 minutes before the party began I was frantically searching for my corkscrew. In a panic, I borrowed the GoodNeighbor's, but I later found mine. 30 minutes before the party began, I remembered I don't own a bottle opener for the beer. I quickly texted KateBklyn and LaHipster.

I think we ran out of booze sometime around midnight. But I had more guests than I anticipated, about 22 and I figured, well, someone will bring more beer, but no go. Instead, I got many beautiful bottles of wine, most of which are half open on my counter right now. I'm glad people helped themselves, since my hostessing abilities went south somewhere after my third glass of sangria.

Also, it looks like someone rearranged my bathroom. Interesting.



I just wanted to say that I am sorry for using your last name in a previous posting. I am VERY VERY DUMB. I did, at the last moment, remove LittleBrother's first name, for fear he may come into harm's way, a la Sophie's Choice.
On another note, whomever sent you such an affectionately appropriate book for your birthday, accompanied by such a succinct, yet lyrically titillating, note, is NOT DUMB at all. Though I suspect she wants MORE LITTLEBROTHER as well...

Cupcake said...

Queenie, it's you! I knew little brother couldn't spell "superfluous"!

I hope that when you say you want more LittleBrother, you mean that you enjoy reading posts about him. Anything else, and well, we all is going to have a situation here, what with Sweetie Jr. and all...

Queenie said...

YES YES IT's ME! And I'll take that wise-cracking Ital anyway I can frigging get him - even if it is through web log fantasy. Hell, you could put him in one of your damn foil baking cups and pile frigging FROSTING ON HIS HEAD! *

* It's okay, folks, I'm asexual. We can say anything we damn well please.