Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Achtung, Baby.

The Germans have landed. The Germans have landed. We were asked to be in the office at 8am this morning, of course, I had to put out a little breakfast buffet so that meant I had to come in even earlier. For the rest of the week, I must be a doting and obliging Fraulein for our very important visitors. May I say that the smell quite nice? I've said it.

One problem. I think I may have killed the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He approached my desk and asked me if there was a drugstore in the area. "Of course. May I pick something up for you?" He asked me for asprin for a headache.

"I have already something in my drawer. Aleve? Do you know it? Naproxen Sodium?"

"Is it good for headache?"

"Yes. Here, take two."

"I should take one and then one again?"

"No, I think if you have a bad headache you should take two now."

Well, I was in the Copy Room later and I saw the Chairman of the Board, and I'm not talking about Sinatra here, slip out the door. And that's it. He hasn't been back. That was two hours ago. But since no one has said anything to me, I am not going to panic.

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