Wednesday, January 25, 2006

About My Party

When you arrive at my apartment and see the dresser that I just repainted, please ooh and ahh and make a big freaking deal over it. I worked very hard on it.

In addition to cupcakes, this party will also feature Germans, as in FrauFoxtrot and G4. Since these are people I work with, they should not know about my blog. If you get drunk and say something about the blog to them, just tell them that they misunderstood you and perhaps their English is not as good as they think. That’s what I do. If you’d like, ask G4 to make you a balloon animal. It’s kind of an inside joke.

As is customary, most guests have not yet replied or have replied “undecided”. I have no idea how much food and booze is required. I am just going to keep baking until Brooklyn runs out of cupcake liners or I actually hack off a body part, whichever comes first.

If I want to make a berry-flavored frosting, can I take a recipe for cream cheese frosting and add a box of Strawberry flavored Jello, or will that be disgusting?

For those of you interesting in throwing your own cupcake party, and amazingly, some of you are, I came up with this genius idea the other night: Cupcake Leis. Make leis for your guest out of mini-muffin pan liners. Use Diatini in between liners. Alternate pastel colors. Use a needle and some strong thread to string them. I haven’t actually tried this yet, but it’s on the to-do list.


leah said...

i was directed to your blog by josh(ed potatoes), and it's lovely. you might want to rethink the jell-o frosting hybrid, though- the gelatin crystals won't dissolve (unless you going to add boiling water first anyway?), and the resulting frosting will be crunchy. perhaps you could strain frozen, sweetened strawberries and use the liquid that drains off as flavoring?
i also particularly liked your 'sliced-my-finger-open' post. at my office spilling something on yourself (warm/cold beverage, foodstuff) is known as 'pulling a leah', since i have the fine motor skills of a toddler.

Sheena said...

Leah is very smart (hi Leah!) and is quite the baker herself.

I'd also steer clear of adding the jello powder... if you do end up adding the hot water to melt the crystals, you'll activate the jello which will turn the whole thing into a congealed mess, I think.

I'd go with the strawberry juice, or grind up thawed frozen strawberries to add to the frosting.

Clarendon said...


Holy cow! Hi! I have no idea about frosting or jello - I only know how to toast and boil. And I don't think that helps you... This is Leana btw. I saw that you were, um, looking for me. :) I tried emailing you, but it bounced back. So, then I went through this whole rigmarole of setting up my own account (which I have no idea how to use -- way too tech-hip for me) just so I could post to your's. Your site is hilarious! You can email me at I hope I hear from you!

Cupcake said...

Sadly, and this is embarassing, I know exactly who Leah is; such is my devotion to JoshedPotato's blog. Leah is the one who bakes a cake whenever someone on Team KittenLoss has a birthday, weird, wonderful cakes with green army men.

Cupcake said...

Leana, my plan has worked. You are found.

Cupcake said...

Yar, I think the KittenLoss ladies are right. But I'm concerned adding a cup of frozens tarwberries will throw off the proportions of the rest of the recipe. Does anyone have a recipe for Strawberry Frosting? Maybe there's one in the Cake Mix Doctor and I missed it.

Kari said...

Try adding some fruit jam to your cream cheese frosting. It works well and tastes good. And is cheap and easy.

Joshua said...

Hi Leah and Sheena!
and cupcake.

stacey said...

Hey Cupcake -

Buy frozen strawberries, defrost, put in a strainer over a small bowl and mash baby mash! Use the juice as you would any other flavoring. Im also thinking that Nestle Quick makes a strawberry flavored syrup for milk - that could work also

Here is the only receipe I can remember without looking at mine at home:

3 ounces cream cheese
1 tablespoon warm/room temperature milk
2 1/2 cups confectioners sugar
add strawberry juice/syrup to desired flavor.

There is another one that I have made before that involved butter but I cannot recall it right now

Cupcake said...

Stacey, I am so unbelievably impressed you know a recipe for Strawberry Cream Chese Frosting just off the top of your head.