Thursday, December 01, 2005

Super Boss.

1. The Boss is out of the office for a few hours this morning getting an MRI.
2. If I just celebrated my one year anniversary here, that means NewGuy has been working here for about 10.5 months, but he'll always be "NewGuy" to me.
3. NewGuy is a forty-something father of two with a B.A. from a prestigious university and an MBA and Cupcake is ... well, I was once identified as a gifted child, and yet what follows is a verbatim transcript of the conversation we just had.

NewGuy: Did the Boss say we could call him while he was out? (jokingly)

Cupcake: Well, he did say he'd be reachable by cell and Blackberry for a little while at least.

NewGuy: But what if we called him while he was in the MRI?

Cupcake: Maybe he'd get irradiated and like, turn into the Incredible Hulk!

NewGuy: Yeah, the cell phone and Blackberry would get sucked into his head, permanently!

Cupcake: Then he could make phone calls with his mind!!


Cupcake: Man, I wish the Boss was really The Hulk. That would be so cool.

NewGuy: Really?

Cupcake: Yeah, I mean, he was laying into someone on the phone yesterday, but it would have been so much cooler if he turned green and toppled over his desk.

[NewGuy and Cupcake mime HulkBoss destroying office]

NewGuy: I don't know, that would be kind of scary.

Cupcake: Well, it would break up the day.

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