Thursday, December 01, 2005

God Bless Happy Hour.

On the Daily Heights Message Board I saw this text: "Cold enough fer ya? Warm up at the Knit-In at Freddy's Bar this weekend. It's the first Saturday of every month from 5:00 until 8:00 PM or when ever the band kicks us out."
"This is the second winter for knitting at Freddy's. The Knit In was featured in Knit.1 Magazine and also on The Jane Pauley Show. It's not a craft class - it's a friendly drink-optional depot for stitching, bitching and unwinding."
"It's never too late to make a hand-crafted gift for the Holidays like a pot holder or a hat. Or maybe a hat made from holders. So drop off your laundry, pick up some Chinese food, join us this Saturday and finish that scarf! Stick around for the Tom Waits tribute later that evening. Always on hand at the Knit-In are a swift, wool-winder, patterns books and spare needles. Crocheters are welcomed and men are encouraged."

Now, I've been to Freddy's, and it is a dive, but hey, gotta love a dive bar that's not afraid to bring in a wool winder and invite dudes to show up with their size 4 double-pointeds. Maybe I'll make an appearance. Last night at Happy Hour, Bewitched, formerly known as Lirio, told me about this Stitch N'Bitch saying, "I saw a flyer in the bathroom." Of course, I thought she said, "I set a fire in the bathroom." Perhaps a little bit of column A, a little bit of column B.

Other Happy Hour highlights: I met MuteFlute and Teddyballgame who were both very cool. I've added links to their blogs in the sidebar. MuteFlute lived across the hall from a certain redhead from Indiana at John Harvard's place, and also dated a girl at Smith; Teddyballgame is '03 from Georgetown, so there's a chance he knows Garrett's current girlfriend, which means, well I don't know what it means, but the words "Graff", "pub", "Cupcake", "six-degrees" and "Ivy League hat trick" all come to mind.

KateBklyn, who know wants to be known as "Kate" (whatever), thinks there's a good chance HomoJohnny will change my lightbulb this weekend and brunch plans are in the works. She may keep me company writing out her holiday cards as I knit like the dickens, trying to finish all the Christmas gifts I'm working on between now and the end of December. No hangover, but my left foot hurts and I added a movied called "Crown Heights" starring Howie Mandel to my Netflix Queue. Goddamn, I love Happy Hour.


KateBklyn - for you said...

I need your phone number though, send me a PM. Nancy, Happy Hour loves you!

Chris said...

Dude, I'm totally there!