Monday, December 05, 2005

Sometimes Love is Fugly

I took a sick day from work today, so although there is much to report, this is not going to be a particularly enlightening blogging day, since I am writing here from the Brooklyn Public Library. But, I did not want to miss an opportunity of being cracked out on Cold Medicine to share my thoughts.

Sometimes I see guys walking around wearing really ugly hand-knit scarves. Now, you just know that their girlfriends knit these scarves for them, possibly as their very first project. These scarves are ugly, I know it, the guys know it; (the girlfriends don't know it because they are still basking in I-finished-my-first-knitting-project-euphoria), but the guys wear the scarves anyway because they love the girls, or, presumably they love the nookie the yarn-happy girl is putting out.

Sometimes, I want to walk up to the guy with the ugly scarf and say, "Your scarf is ugly. I could knit you a really nice one. I could knit you a scarf you would actually be excited to wrap around your neck, but I won't. Because you don't love me." So far I have been able to restrain myself from doing this.

Wow, Tylenol Cold with Cool Burst sure is terrific.


MCMCMCLY said...

I don't have a woman to knit me a scarf, and Jeff's not much of a knitter...not saying you have to knit me one or anything. Anyway, the real reason I'm here is that I can now ask you "did you read my blog! "

jesse said...

I brought my friend beth some tylenol cool burst on friday night because she had the flu. After we watched a documentary on transgendered people in the south, she started speaking in tongues. Yep, you guessed it, she'd been nipping at the cool burst all movie long. I wonder if it's been well-tested on humans. I suspect you guys will have babies with gills.

beth said...

azzzibabblaaa loooo laaaa.