Monday, December 19, 2005

Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!

I listen to a lot of Public Radio and I don't care who knows it. Of course, one reason for my high levels of consumption may be that I don't own a television, but I generally really enjoy the programming. Saturday morning has the best line-up. On WNYC AM 820 I can listen to This American Life at 11:00am, Car Talk at noon and Wait,Wait Don't Tell Me at 1:00pm If I can manage to get myself out of bed before noon on a Saturday, this is a great time to make breakfast, wash the dishes, clean the bathroom etc.

On Saturday, while I was baking cupcakes I was listening to Prairie Home Companion, which happened to be broadcasting from Town Hall in New York. Garrison and a group called "The Wailin' Jennys" sang a really pretty version of Sting's "Fields of Gold". I really liked the song, so yesterday while I was in my office, I went to the Prairie Home website to see about tracking down a copy of that version. Admittedly, this makes me a big nerd. I didn't have any luck, but I did learn that people actually discuss the show, live, in real time on message boards while the show is broadcasting. I was actually stunned- I didn't know nerdiness could acheive such heights.

Okay, let's talk about my cupcakes. I made the Red Velvet cupcakes, but alas, I couldn' find any food coloring so instead of Red Velevet cupcakes, they were just chocolate velvet. Yes, I went to two supermarkets in Brooklyn and Target and no food coloring. Sometimes grocery shopping in Prospect Heights reminds me of the time I went to that supermarket in Krakow. I used the White Chocolate Peppermint Icing to frost the little darlings.

Cupcakes in my new Cupcake Carrier, making it easier for me to spread the maddness. Hopefully the last time I have to photogrpah my cupcakes with a camera phone.

Now, here is the biggest cupcake news of all. Stacey, from Daily Heights and Bake Sale fame, bought be a cupcake carrier for Christmas! Yes, the very one my little heart had been lusting after. Not only that, she want to some Cake Baking supply warehouse and bought me all of these gorgeous trimmings for my cupcakes, Valrohna chocolate and decorative liners. It was so unbelievably sweet! Once I get a digital camera, ahem, I'll photograph all the goodies because they're lovely to look at. Thanks, Stacey. This is the most perfect gift!


KateBklyn said...

I can promise you Met has food coloring since I bake red velvet all too often, it's just hard to find. FYI for next time it's around the corner from the eggs on the aisle.

Cupcake said...

Welcome back from Vegas, Kate! Around the corner from the eggs? Hmm, I can't visualize that. Maybe you can draw me a treasure map?

A said...

So we graduated from Smith - you became preoccupied with cupcakes and Germans, and I began to lust after zombies. We bond over our old interweb blogs and take pictures with our cell phones. These things all strike me as funny.

Addie said...

thought you might enjoy this (this is not spam -ha)

(it mentions cupcakes from magnolia bakery)

mondo said...

i may be the only reader who actually visualized and laughed at the krakow grocery store reference. good times :)

Stacey said...

Im so glad you enjoyed it!! Can't wait to taste another of your cupcake masterpieces!

VBeta said...

I'm so glad you finally have a cupcake carrier. I ALMOST tried to track down your brother to tell him or your dad to get you one for xmas since he was so disgusted w/ your wish list.

Cupcake said...

Beta- the cake carrier was on my list! I called my Dad and said, "I hope you didn't get me a cake carrier for Christmas, someone else already did."

He said, "A cake what? What the hell is that??"

"It was on my list!"

"You! Again with that list! Whenever I get too happy, I pull out your Christmas list and read it, then I want to kill myself. You ask for a Dust Buster and every book ever printed! Why don't you hold the Dust Buster up to your ear and suck out your brains!"

I'm really looking forward to seeing the old bastard this weekend.