Sunday, December 18, 2005


My father sent me an email forward, as he is wont to do these days (thanks, technology!) with a bunch of photos of kids attached. The subject line was "Why I love kids", which is ironic because my dad hates kids. Anyway, I thought a couple of these photos were worth reposting.

Baby eats kitten. Go, Baby, Go!

If you are a big sister, or a big brother, you can appreciate the sheer brilliance of this scene. Behold the look on that baby's face; she is already counting the minutes until her big sister turns 18 and gets the hell out of the house. Someday she'll be the Maid of Honor at big sis's wedding and tell this story at the rehearsal dinner. They never forget, I tell you. If you ever meet my brother, he will probably recount for you all the moving objects I tied him to, all the times I told him he would be the "test pilot", and hey, you hold onto the garage door handle while I press the opener button and let's see what happens. Don't let go.

This photo is clearly staged. No one puts a baby in a Snugli on their back. However, anyone who has ever worked with babies knows that these two are not having a cute litle E.T. moment- they are trying to pick each other's nose.

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