Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Lonely Night Unearths a Find

I'm home alone in my father's house that is only passingly familiar to me. He's out with his girlfriend, my brother is back in CT and every time I come back here, it becomes more and more apparent that my life is in New York now. I only keep up with about three people from high school, all of whom have their own lives ... I don't have a car here... I don't know how to order take-out ... I'm freakin' powerless!!

After watching hours of mindless television, I found the greatest movie on right now, on one of the 26 HBO Channels my father has. It's called The Counterfit Contessa, it was made in 1994 and it stars Tea Leoni. If that's not enough, Tea plays a working-class Brooklyn girl who impersonates an Italian Countess to pursue Sinclair Everett, a blue-blooded lawyer (asshole!). But fortunately, Sinclair's brother Dawson discovers her secret and coaches her on high society so she can crash a debutante's ball. Dawson appreciates her for who she really is. This film might make my list if I ever get around to completing LeBrookski's tag.

Oh God, I really need to get out of Rhode Island.


gilhouse said...

RI isn't so bad. i spend most of my non-making coffee time with someone from RI, ans she says it's pretty good. you should make more coffee, or learn the names of bizzare chocolates. that's what indy says.

Cupcake said...

Gilly, Rhode Island is wicked awesome. In fact, I am always trying to start the Displaced Rhode Islanders Support Group, Brooklyn Chapter. Maybe some day I will go back there to live and raise a family, but in the meantime, everytime I go home, every experience I have reminds me "This is not your home. There is no life for you here." It is sad and depressing.

Who is this lady from RI? Given the small nature of the state and my widespread fame, there is a good chance I know her.

Here is a story for you about RI and Candy: My Dad's girlfriend likes peanut brittle. Wait, that's not the whole story. So for Christmas he went to the place that is supposed to have the best Peanut Brittle in RI and bought her some. So Christmas morning, Sweetie unwrapped it and said, "Oh my God! You went all the way to Wakefield!!".

Wakefield is two towns over from mine.

PS Tell Indy I know a bitch in RI named Katie that he could get down with.