Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cupcake Misses Her Amish Lifestyle

Anytime I read or watch or hear anything about the Strike, I get so upset I can feel my blood pressure rise. So I'm going to try to ignore the whole thing and just continue posting my usual trite and specious crap.

Last night, after leaving my office at 7:30pm, I showed up at the corporate apartment which is located just 11 blocks from my office. It is a furnished studio, and while I am so grateful that my commute has been saved from more freezing chaos, the apartment creeps me out a bit. It feels kinda like a hotel, but I have to remind myself not to throw the towels on the floor. It's rather dark and I could not figure out how to turn the heat on, so I had a very cold night, but luckily I figured it out this morning. It would have been great if G3 left some food in there, but no such luck. The odd thing was there was no toilet paper in the place- none. Not even an empty roll. So I bundled up again and headed out to a corner deli.

I returned with some good ol' TP and some chinese take-out and flipped on the TV. The apartment doesn't have cable, but you can get a lot of government/ community stations, and, for no particular reason, NBC. So, I watched several hours of NBC last night and let me tell you, I felt like a ice man dethawed and plunked in front of a Lite Brite. Huh? What the hell was going on?

First of all, I watched some new primetime gameshow, very Millionaire-esque, hosted by Howie Mandel called "Deal or No Deal". I turned it on in the middle of the program and I could not for the life of me figure out what was happening. There were models with briefcases, a guy in shadows in a booth, a cell phone, a big read button, a board full of dollar amounts, and a cirlce of the idiot contestant's family on stage. Now, I'm a pretty intelligent person (just pretend), and I could not figure out what was happending. What was the point of the game? They kept trying to get low dollar amounts. I was so confused I called LittleBrother to see if he knew the show and could explain it to me. Sadly, I got his voicemail. If anyone can explain this to me, please do so in the comments below. It was making my ears bleed.

Then I watched "My Name is Earl" which is supposed to be one of the greatest new comedies on television. I found it solidly mediocre.

Then came "The Office". Now, SuperSkater introduced me to the American version of The Office right before Thanksgiving when she let me borrow her DVD of the entire first season, which is probably her most treasured possession. This was by far the best thing on all night. This episode was so funny, I laughed so hard ... I think I peed. It mirrored a lot of my office life; including the opening shot when the secretary was stuffing the Christmas cards into envelopes. Also, the Boss got a hand-knit oven mitt as a Secret Santa gift and was so upset, he had to leave the room. Whatever, just watch it. It's funny.

Then came "Law & Order: SVU". I remembered that I decided to stop watching all Law & Order: SVUs because they are too disturbing, especially if you live in New York, only after the first 45 minutes. At that point I was sufficiently disturbed and knew nightmares were on the horizon for me.

The commcericals were very puzzling. There was a Puma commerical where a tortise gives a sneaker to a rabbit. That's it. No voice over, no text. This was immediately followed by a wolf giving a sneaker to a lamb. I don't get it!! Why did the wolf give a sneaker to a lamb? This morning, I saw a real jazzy travel commercial where they show you all these beautiful tropical scenes without telling you what country you're looking at. Then the tag comes up: "Israel. Who Knew?" Who Knew?? That's your travel and tourism solicitation? Jesus (literally). You guys should take a page from Malaysia.

Also this morning on the Today Show, there was a story about Elton John's civil union with his longtime partner in England. This peice was so offensive! The stupdid Today Show voice over kept saying really offensive things like, "It was a wedding where the groom and the bride both wore suits!".

Gaar! I miss my NPR and Prime Suspect DVDs.


Carazy Cashew said...

Hello Cupcake! I hope the strike gets over soon for you guys I know its hard especially this time of year! I have the answer to your question on Deal or No Deal, its stupid, literally I hate that game show. The point of the game is to end up winning money of course. The contestant picks out a suitcase that has a certain dollar amount in it and then tries to eliminate the other currency values and hopefully ending up with a huge amount of money. However they're only allowed to open up so many cases before the guy in the booth calls to try to buy the suitcase the contestant chose. So basically its all about how greedy you are. I find the show annoying but some people are raving about it. You have to watch it from the start of a contestant to the finish to be able to make a full judgement on it but I don't like it. Have a great day though and a very happy holidays!

Cupcake said...

Thanks Cashew, that's very helpful, but I still don't quite get it. So the briefcases the models open are totally irrelevent? The only one that matter is the one the contestant pre-selected? When do you get to open your case? Do youhave to eliminate all of the numbers on the board first?

Maybe I'll watch it from the beginning tonight. If it is anywhere near as assanine as I think it is, it will take a lot of effort to keep from jamming a #9 Bamboo knitting needle into my eye socket.