Friday, November 18, 2005

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Wow, I am really swamped at work. But I did get some film developed today and the accompanying handy Duane Reade Photo CD! Note: if you are asking who Duane Reade is, you don't live in New York and you are missing out on a beautiful institution and when I say "beautiful institution" I mean crappy, ubiquitious drugstore chain that is a poor excuse for my beloved CVS. Okay! Let's start the photo show!

This is me and LittleBrother on the day he graduated. Yes, the child on the left is the one Pop recently described as an "itchy skin rash". The words the old man uses to describe the child on the right are plentiful and some cannot be printed in this blog. Some popular incarnations are "pain in the ass", "contessa" and "somethin' else".

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