Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fan Mail

Astute Cupcake Jesse asks if he is crazy, or did I never get around to posting about the office Harvest party. Well, Jesse, you are crazy, but only because you follow up red wine with a slug chaser. You are indeed correct that I never got a post up about that but I will try to knock one out today. Jesse also writes, "I like your new blogfriends will and joshua. you should date them both. also, "there's a blog in my throat" is someone I kinda know. she's a riot, eh? "

Well, I don't know how Will and Joshua would feel about being labeled my "blogfriends" but I agree that all three of the above blogs are highly entertaining and worth checking out.

Also, I'm happy to see from the comments that people miss GOTM. Since no one was really commenting on my GOTM posts I figured, well, these aren't playing very well, but screw it because 1) I, personally, find stories about Germans hilarious and 2) I'm hoping someday to collect these droppings into an essay I can pitch to a magazine or newspaper. Can anyone think of a publication that might be interested in a publication interested in an essay about me entertaining these rotating German Credit Analysts?

If you don't find the posts about my Germans funny, try these helpful tips: imagine the Germans speaking in a funny accent. Exaggerate as necessary until you achieve your desired level of humor. If you require really broad humor, start with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a model. G2 makes the common mistake of pronouncing the "v" sound like a "w" sound in English. For example, his voicemail message says, "I am sorry I am not awailable right now." Hee-larious. Aslo, G2 constantly sports what, in America, would be called a "dumb grin" or a "shit-eating grin". At all times. Priceless.


Joshua said...

I think we're all "blogfriends" now. Thanks Jesse, I'm glad you like our blogs.
Also, I'm confused why you list two future GOTM's below.
Tell G2 to stop grinning, I hate it when people smile for no reason. It's creepy.

Cupcake said...

There are many future GOTMs. I think we'll get 11 visitors total before this thing is over. The two other guys in that photo will come in April and January, respectively.

I have a sinking premonition that soon I will tire of these rotating Germans. "No thanks," I'll say after three or four months. "All set." But I won't be able to make it stop. They will just keep coming. Like hurricanes to the Gulf Coast.

lebrookski said...

for the record, i love stories about germans. and i loved the stories about GOTM...

and i love when germans mix up the "v" and "w" thing. only one of my german friends used to do it. i still fondly recall the time when he (very drunkenly) said, "i like to watch shows on the teewee." and then because i was drunk, it confused me and he thought if he just kept saying "you know, the 'teewee'... 'teewee'?" that it would help, but i nearly wet my pants. unfortunately, he's been dating an american for like 2 years now, and he no longer does that.

jesse said...

Blush. I can't believe you passed them my note.

bbrug said...

I enjoy your GOTM posts and, in addition, share the widely held opinion that your personal German, Der Man, is hella cute. Get im!

Cupcake said...

Thanks bbrug. By the way, bbrug is a an example of a blogfriend success story- I've actually met her in real life now and she is super cool.

Email and telephone flirting continues with Der Man so he is obviously unafraid of my horrible photo in the telephone directory. Plus, it doesn't hurt I sent some Gelly Belleys to him back with GOTM. Der Man has a sweet tooth. A match made in heaven??