Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Auf Wiedersehen, Herzlichen Wilkomen

L-R: Future GOTM, Beloved GermanoftheMonth, Future GOTM, Der Man
Last night I was sitting at my desk tearing up as some of my colleagues said goodbye to my beloved GermanoftheMonth. However I felt it was crucial for my professional reputation and for the sake of the friendship not to let GOTM know how sad I was he was leaving. So we did the only responsible thing two adults could do in this situation: go out and get smashed.

Also, it was Frau Foxtrot's birthday, so after work the three of us went out and started out at a traditional Midtown suit-and-tie after work type bar. It was very crowded and I paid $20 for two glasses of Shiraz. Goddamn yuppies. I took a few photos and news of my crush on Der Man spread to Frau Foxtrot. This is getting totally out of control. These Germans might be the death of me.

After a glass of wine and a beer, we left to find a cooler place and ended up in a nice lounge that was still running a Happy Hour with two for one drink specials! I decided to switch to cocktails and it became imperative we order some food. It was the kind of twofer where they bring you two drinks at once- always dangerous. Soon, I was falling off the stool. Don't look down, just don't look down ... shit. I pulled the old trick where I discreetly asked the waitress to but a candle in Frau Foxtrot's brownie and we all sang Happy Birthday like morons. Apparently this trick is not well known in Germany, because they behaved like I had just made an elephant appear on the bar.

Finally, around 11pm, I was weaving down the street as GOTM walked me to the subway station. We said some sweet, heartfelt goodbyes and I got on the train and managed to make it back to Brooklyn without barfing, although I did taste the Happy Hour hors d'oeuvres a few times.

Today, the new GermanoftheMonth arrived, hereafter known as G2. So far he helps me off and on with my coat, has bought me a cupcake and told me a dirty joke. These rotating Germans could be the best career perk ever.


LaHipster said...

Uhhh ... you never said Der Man is hella cute ...

Cupcake said...

Oh, laHip, I love you. Isn't he adorable? I took this photo last April and I hear now that he new glasses and looks a little hipper.

Whenever I tell someone who knows Der Man that I have a crush on him, they're like "Really? Der Man? Him? Can I ask what you see in him?" But he is such a sweatheart!

Joshua said...

All I know is I wish I had some sort of foreigner of the month. Coat taking I could do without, but buying me cupcakes for no reason. wow. unless there was a reason.

Cupcake said...

Are you implying I gave G2 a reason to buy me a cupcake? Actually, we were out at lunch and he asked if after lunch we could go and get some sweets. I have to say, this was a welcome change because the old GOTM had no taste for candy and such and was always making fun of my sweet cravings. So I said, "Well, I know a great cupcake bakery around here...". Of course, then I had to explain what a cupcake is.

I insisted on buying the cupcakes, since he paid for the lion's share of lunch, but we got into one of those fights at the register. "No, G2, I insist."

"Nancy, you are being silly. Do not be silly," and he muscled past me to pay.

Later he made a joke about masturbation and I tried to explain sexual harassment laws. Good fun!

You should totally have a rotating guest from another nation. What is your profession? Maybe we can deduce from that what kind of foreigner you should get. They're like disposable pets. Fun, fun.

mondo said...

ditto on der man being a cutie...and can we discuss future GOTM's faint resemblance to one emilio estevez circa breakfast club?