Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Background C Cont'd. plus The Real Deal

See below if you have no idea what's going on. Really. Just keep hitting "previous posts" till you figure the who she-bang out.

So, I got mad at the Princess of Darkness, but she was really sorry and pathetic which makes me feel bad for her. So we set a date Sunday night for her to come bring me the cash, but she decided to take a nap instead.

On Tuesday, Election Day, I was sitting in my office at 5:45pm. I called POD and told her I would be in The Slope to vote and asked if I could meet her and get the cash. Unfortunately, she had a meeting and wouldn't be around until much later, by which time I planned to be watching Arrested Development Season 2 in bed. So I figured, no cash for me, I'll just squeeze a few more minutes out of the workday, get to Park Slope in time to vote and then walk home to the wrong side of the tracks. Everything was going well. Then, as my boss was walking out the door, he casually said to me, "Right, and I'll sign those things tomorrow."

Now, I thought about this and had no idea what he was talking about. Then I remembered there was a project I was supposed to have completed a month ago. Maybe more like a month and a half. Recently, I lied to someone in Germany and told them it was all set, and I was just waiting for my boss to sign off on everything. [This was wrong. It is very bad to lie.] So then I figured this person must have sent the Boss and email saying, "Right, so Nancy's got everything done, we'll get your signature on everything tomorrow and then you can overnight everything to us." I had yet to actually begin working on the project. Like I said, I am an asshole. It was at that moment I knew I was either going to be in big trouble, or be staying in the office all night. I chose option B.

Fortunately G2 was around for a little while and entertained me by juggling tangerines, singing to me, playing catch with my rubber band ball (my pride and joy) and unpacking the contents of our emergency survival kit. After he left, it just plain out sucked.

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