Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Story with Happy Ending Plus Cupcakes

The time that I spent at Smith College can be divided up into two sections: Senior Year (good) and my first two years (bad). And then of course I spend my Junior Year living in Vienna(very, very good). Most of my good friends from Smith, like Bizzy and Hooly, come from Senior Year. But there are a few good people from the first half of that disaster, ahem, EdithVed, that I still keep in touch with. One of the people I always liked and who was really nice to me while I was flipping my shit sophmore year was Sharon Horowitz. But then I went abroad and Sharon graduated and I moved houses and I lost track of her.

Since then I've been asking around, but no one could tell me exactly where she was. I knew Sharon was from Long Island and it kinda made sense she'd be in the New York area, but still I never came across her. Then a couple of weekends ago I was standing in line at the Brooklyn Public Library waiting to return my books and I saw a familiar face cross my line of vision. Not only was it Sharon hanging out in the library on a Sunday morning, but it turns out that she and her boyfriend live five blocks from me in Prospect Heights.

Last night I went to Sharon's for dinner and it was wicked yummy. She made roast chicked with spanish rice. We ate a lot and drank wine after it took the both of us to open the bottle. I made cupcakes, but since it was short notice and I didn't have much time I used a mix. Sadly, there was no Funfetti to be had in the grocery store. Food shopping in Brooklyn can be a little like shopping in pre-Gorbachev Russia. We're a little short on choice. And don't get me started on food expiration dates. Anyway, I made do with French Vanilla cake mix and dark chocolate icing. To give some "fun" texture to the cake, I added mini-chocolate chips to the batter. After working with my beautiful homemade buttercream icing, I couldn't believe how runny the store bought frosting was.

Fortunately, by dessert, Sharon and I were talking about the good old bad old days at Smith, "Quick, give me another cupcake," I said, "I can only talk about Smith if I'm eating." We scarffed quite a few of those puppies.

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