Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Congratulations Little Brother!

After two second round interviews on Friday, Little Brother was offered both jobs and accepted his first choice position at some Marketing firm or something (we all know I'm not good at listening when people talk about their jobs) in Norwalk, CT. Congratulations! This means that Little Bro was able to do what I was not: i.e. get a decent paying job in his field at a reputable company only five months after graduation. He has proved once and for all that the Cupcake Plan for Success [working hard, challenging yourself] is grossly inferior to the Little Brother Plan for Success [insert rolling tumbleweed here]; fortunately all of us in the family came to terms with this a couple years ago so instead of being shocked and hurt I can be nothing but happy for him!

This also means Little Brother will be moving to the Greenwich/Stamford area of Connecticut, so any apartment leads would be appreciated. And now, if he can't find the time to visit his big dumb sister, I'm going to MetroNorth his punk ass.

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