Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My Friend Shares Her Cookies

Most Favorite Person and I spent some time together last night. We were kicking it at FAO Schwarz. She is so fast these days that it is difficult to get anything other than an "action shot" of her.Unlike other kids in the Mega Blocks area, MFP shared her blocks with a little baby. I, of course, wanted to buy her everything in the store but she did not mind leaving empty handed.
She knows all her animals. I couldn't even stump her with hippo or gorilla. The idea of a baby giraffe thrilled her so much that she used a very high voice and jumped up and down. This excitement was contagious and I too was cooing over the baby giraffe.
MommyCakes says she's into method acting, she'll start fake crying for attention and then she'll be so in the moment she actually will be upset and start really crying. Clearly she is brilliant and lives very close to her emotions.


mondo said...

im envious of the life of a toodler. is that bad?

Cupcake said...

Mondo, if you ever leave your apartment again, Aunty Nancy will take you to FAO Schwarz and let you go totally nuts for an hour. Promise.