Monday, October 17, 2005

I Want my Choxie!

This weekend, I made a brilliant discovery at Target, aka "my happy place" (as in, go to your happy place). I was strolling down the aisle with my cart when I saw a big colorful display. The heading of the display read "Choxie" in large letters, then I noticed the tag which said, "There's chocolate and then there's Choxie." From across the aisle I saw this brown and green orb shaped conatiners and I thought, what have we here? A Nutella alternative? (Not that Nutella needs an alternative; yea it is the stuff of the Gods).

So, I turned my cart 90 degrees and cut across the aisle, possibly running over a few small children (this is known as "collateral dammage") to get up close to the Choxie. When I got there and realized what I was looking at, I simultaneously made a high pitched noise as I took in a sharp breath. Colorful, fun packaged designer-esque but budget priced chocolates!! What's that you say? An oxymoron? Screw you! I want my Choxie!

Priced at $5.00 a pop I bought some Mint Chocolate Cookie Malt Balls and Spiced Toffee Squares. I've already broken into the Malt Balls and they are not bad, although I soon realized that about half of what I paid went to the packaging. I don't care! No one is going to rain on my Choxie parade! Be forewarned: Choxie is my new hostess gift of choice!

This morning, I went to see if there is a Choxie website, but alas none exists. Did I make the whole thing up? Fortunately, I was able to find two blog posts about it, one at Chocolate Runner and the Junk Food Blog. And this press release on Morningstar.

What did my dinner guests think of Choxie? Stay tuned to find out...


LaHipster said...

Disclosure: I didn't go NEAR the choxie.

Truth be told, I could swing one right about now, though.

Vanessa said...

Did you read on Chocolate Runner's blog that on Nov. 6 Target will be giving away free samples of their Choxie? Can't wait.