Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Because February is Just Around the Corner

Yesterday I was walking down the street in Midtown when I saw a large ad for the new Godiva Chocolates Platinum Collection. This is what I thought: "Oh boy, soon it will be Valentine's Day, the one time of year when I can justify buying a one pound box of gorgeous chocolates for myself. Then I will retreat into my apartment and, like all sensible single people, will curl into bed with said chocolates and hibernate for three days until all the cheap chocolate is marked down at CVS and all the V-Day flowers in the office have died. Then, recharged and sugar high I will make silly care packages for my friends and forary once more into the land of the walking single."

Then I wondered, "Is that a logical thought progression to have when you see an ad for chocolate?"

Then I thought, "God, I hope I don't have a boyfriend this year on Valentine's Day. That would ruin everything."

What's with all these pumpkins in the windows? Valentine's Day is about hearts and half-naked cross-bow armed babies.


dacey said... can eat lots of chocolate on halloween too. if you were feeling really motivated and frugal you could even trick or treat and get it for free. although it won't be fancy Godiva. it will be cheap reeses. which isn't as exciting.

Jamie Carin said...

What I want to know is what is with the little annoying "word verification" you have to put in to post something?? Stupid internet security....Well as you can see dear Cupcake your best fan has finally made it to the current blog posts!!!!!!!!!! But as I got here I realized I didn't read anyone's comments to your posts, so I may have to start over...and speaking of obsessive compulsive...have you ever heard of or read Jennifer Traig??

Jamie Carin said...

And...if I want to know if you responded to my post do I have to just keep checking back and remember which post it was that I responded to? This might be hard...since I have spent the last three work days reading every one of your posts from blog-day-one I have quite the backlog of work to get done!!!!

rachel said...

on my run this morning, i was thinking, "i wonder if nancy ever just buys rainbow chip frosting and eats it out of the container..." so how 'bout it punk? or do you need your frosting with some cake in its trunk?