Monday, September 12, 2005

They're On to Me

Just before lunch the Boss walked up to my desk.

"Do we have a ruler?"

I opened my mouth...

"A ruler, like this," he said, indicating with his hands, "something to take measurements with. I could just see the wisecracks coming out of your mouth..."

I closed my mouth.

Come on, every office needs a wise-cracking secretary, no? Where would television sit-coms be without them?


Leah said...

They would be boring dramas that nobody would ever watch.

A said...

i could totally see you in a sitcom. how are you the secretary? They fly you out to Germany right, and put you up in fancy places, and you do their budget? Wha?

Cupcake said...

Good, we're all in agreement that I should have my own sitcom.

Oh, let me be clear, although I have been flown to Germany and put up in a hotel nicer than any place I could possibly afford to stay on my own, and I do translate file all expense reports, but I am the S-E-C-R-E-T-A-R-Y. I answer the phones. Water the plants. Make the coffee. Order car service and make lunch reservations for my boss. And yes, to some of my Smith friends' horor, I also open their mail for them.