Friday, September 02, 2005

Cupcake is here to help.

bbrug wrote, "O Cupcake Maven, I needed your guidance this evening: I was having dinner with a friend near University and 11th, and she said that she had promised to try to find a cupcake for her four-year-old, whom she'd left at home with Grandpa. It couldn't be just any cupcake, though--it had to have A Lot of Frosting. This was around 8:30 p.m., and we thought the Magnolia Bakery would be closed. Now, of course, I've looked it up on CitySearch and found that they're open till nearly midnight every night, but at the time I was trying to think of someplace closer to where we were.My friend had to go home cupcakeless, to a no doubt wrathful, disappointed child. But for future reference, can you think of any place in that area besides Magnolia that would have cupcakes with A Lot of Frosting after 8 p.m.?"

Well, bbrug, I have heard tell of a cupcake that is so unbelievably frosting-y it is sending adults into spasms of undulating sugar lust AND I called the bakery and they are open until 9pm. The bad news is, it was not close to where you were last night. The good news is that these cupcakes come in "Frog" and "Monster" varieties and if one had been presented to me as a child it would have sent me into such orbits of joy, I couldn't have been brought down by anything, not even the knowledge that my father had purchased my Cabbage Patch Kid on the Mexican black market (true story). Maybe your friend can atone today. Susie Felber writes about her encounter with the Frog Prince here. You can kiss the frog at La Delice Pastry Shop at 27th and 3rd Avenue. Cost $3.

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bbrug said...

Vielen dank. My friend has rolled her baby parade back up to New Hampshire, but maybe when I go visit, I can stow a couple of froggies in my bag. Then again, judging from the description--six inches tall?!?!--I'd need to put them in their own bag.