Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's time I live up to my name.

Yestday was a pretty intense cake posting day here at the Cupcake Mafia. Cake querries are now coming in fast and furiously. I finally found the "centerfold" in InStyle magazine that EdithVed was trying to draw my attention to last week: a two page spread of photos of celebrities and their favorite cupcakes (big photo of cupcake, small photo of celebrity, just the way it should be.) Exciting, right? Except, to my horor, I did not recognize two of the New York bakeries listed: Crumb's, home of Jay-Z's favorite cupcake, and Billy's Bakery, home of Katie Holmes' favority cupcake.

This means one thing. I have fallen way behind in what's what in the cupcake universe and brought shame upon myself and this blog. There are bakeries in my sidebar I haven't even visited yet and that is just totally unacceptable! Now, there are things I enjoy doing by myself, an afternoon matinee, a casual dinner at a sidewalk cafe, but blazing paths to untested bakeries and sampling cupcakes is something that definately requires a buddy or two, you know, for a second opinion. So now is the time for all of you in the Cupcake Mafia to step up and do your part. Yes, I'm asking you to make some sacrafices, but just think, at the end of our quest, we will have the ultimate guide to Cake in NYC! That has to be worth something.

I will list below the bakeries I have not hit up yet. If you would like to volunteer to hit one up with me, please write in and stake your claim. If you know of a bakery that is not on the list, please write in with the name and it's address and web site if possible. The quest will be limited to Manhattan and Brooklyn right now unless you can make a wicked compelling case.

1. Cupcake Cafe (have ten. date with POD)
2. Little Cupcake Bake Shop (have ten. date with LaHipster)
3. Billy's Bakery
4. Crumb's
5. Baked
6. The Cakeman

Are there anymore categories I should add to the list that are worth judging for:
1. Best Old-Fashioned/Homestyle
2. Best Exotic Flavor
3. Most Beautiful Design
4. Best Sugar High
5. Best Cafe Atmosphere
6. Best Value Cupcake
7. Best Splurge Cupcake


Kim said...

Billy's Bakery. There. are. no. words. My best friend was having a birthday party awhile ago, and she desperately wanted a coconut cream pie. I called soooooo many bakeries asking if they could make one for the following day. No, no, no was all I got all day. I called Billy's and asked them if they could. They said let us call you back. They called back about ten minutes later and said because of my request, they were making coconut cream pie THE SPECIAL for the day the next day. I will love them forever. And cupcakes?! jezzus christo, they are dreamy. VERY cute decor too. It feels like you are walking in to The Cleavers house, only cuter and in pastel.

bbrug said...

O Cupcake Maven, I needed your guidance this evening: I was having dinner with a friend near University and 11th, and she said that she had promised to try to find a cupcake for her four-year-old, whom she'd left at home with Grandpa. It couldn't be just any cupcake, though--it had to have A Lot of Frosting. This was around 8:30 p.m., and we thought the Magnolia Bakery would be closed. Now, of course, I've looked it up on CitySearch and found that they're open till nearly midnight every night, but at the time I was trying to think of someplace closer to where we were.

My friend had to go home cupcakeless, to a no doubt wrathful, disappointed child. But for future reference, can you think of any place in that area besides Magnolia that would have cupcakes with A Lot of Frosting after 8 p.m.?

Thanking you in advance,
Yr humble &c.,

La Hipster said...

I have 48 free hours during which to eat goodies, beginning today at 3.


Cupcake said...

Kim, I did not know you were in NYC. This opens up a world of possibilities. I'm moving Billy's to the top of my list.

bbrug, stay tuned for my kid-friendly frosting knock-out recomendation.

LaHip - You're on standby for Little Cupcake Bake Shop delivery binging.

Kim said...

I was in Brooklyn, but now am on Long Island (work was to freaking far to keep commuting). I am still in the city plenty though. I just can't stay away! Anyway, did you ever get my response about the sock yarn? I am not sure if you did. So, here goes: I reccomend Patternworks for buying yarn online. Their Koigu selection is pretty decent, and I trust them with filling orders.

Cupcake said...

'Scuse us while we talk shop here.

Kim, how lucky. I just got the new Patternworks catalog. I used them once and my order took forever to arrive, but they gave me a coupon for free shipping on my next order to make up for it. There is a free pattern on Knitty for socks with Koigu called "Crusoe" because the yarn is stranded. Do you have another sock pattern for Koigu that you like?

Anonymous said...

Ohh my Lord....the Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Bay Ridge is a hidden gem.....I cant stress enough how great this place is, the only thing I can say is you must see it for yourself. It's absolutely amazing, you feel like you're in a wonderland while there.