Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Bake Sale That Wouldn't Die

bbrug has posted about our bake sale on her blog, including revealing the mystery of how she got the perfect chevron of apricot filling into her wicked tasty pound cake. Photos abound! In another post from today she discusses the four cakes she baked for a small tea party she hosted in her home. My new mission: see if I can get an invite to tea at bbrug's house. And try to smuggle Candissima in.

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bbrug said...

Aw. I thought many times about inviting you, but I was trying to (a) keep it very small in general, as I wanted to actually get to talk to my guests for once, and (b) limit it to people who already know what a slob I am, in case I didn't have time to completely clean the house. For the next party, though, you're in.