Monday, August 01, 2005

Day Old Baked Goods

I'm here, I'm here, just having technical and assorted other kinds of difficulties. I've moving into Chez MommyCakes for several days where I am house and dog sitting for Caliban. Then Bizzy comes up on Thursday and we go to the Ben Folds concert. I'll be relieved of my dogsitting duties by the Manny, and I take of to RI to spend some time with the family for an extended weekend.

In the meantime, I'm trying to orchestrate some kind of overlap between myself and the Manny. Remember last winter before I got the genius idea that I should start dating teachers? Well, my original idea was that the perfect guy for me would be a manny, the elusive male nanny. Ultimately MommyCakes did replace me with a manny that she speaks highly of, but I only met him briefly, on a day I was going straight from babysitting to a date with someone else and now I think its time I give the Manny a closer look.

Also, we have yet another German from the home office, a quasi-important one, in town for the week.

UPDATE: I've decided to call my apartment the Muffin Tin instead of Tranquility Base. If you ever visit and see the gray tiles in the kitch and bathroom, you will appreciate how many levels this alias works on.

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A said...

glad to have you back i was worried