Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Blog Blahs

I'm just not feeling it today, not feeling inspired to post. If anyone has any thoughts or questions worth exploring that might get the ol' Duncan Hines Moisture Whip Buttercream Frosting coursing through my veins again, by all means send them along.

I think I am just too frozen to write, for the sixth day now I'd have to say the temperature in the office is somewhere in the mid-50s. I feel like Bob Cratchet. Everyday I call Building Management and ask them to please do something about the extreme cold on the 14th Floor; everyday they say they'll take care of it. I'm sure as soon as they hang up the phone the turn the thermostat down one degree. Goddamn passive-agressive building management. Then everyone in the office comes up to me and says, "It's freezing in here! Can't you do something?"

"Please don't make me call again," I say. "They'll only make it colder. I'm on to them."

Cleary the cold has frozen that 3% of my brain that hadn't yet been eroded by sugar.

While I search for inspiration and a flint to start a fire in my trash can I'll set you up with some hilarious quips from Catherine, Queen of One Liners.

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Leah said...

Space heaters work miracles... for your feet at least.