Monday, July 11, 2005

Thrill Me.

Things I did this weekend to procrastinate from packing: filed my nails, untangled a ball of yarn, brainstormed with the Princess of Darkness how to entrap a man to marry her, saw a new musical based on the true story of the first "thrill killers".

The York Theater in Midtown is one of the only theaters in the country devoted to developing and producing new musical theater works. They have just extended, for the second time, Thrill Me: The Loeb and Leopold Story. This new musical features Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, childhood friends and lovers, who kidnapped and killed a young boy in Chicago in 1924. Did I mention that it's a musical? Instead of focusing on the crime, the story examines the relationship between the two psychopathic but compelling characters.

This show has a lot of potential. Some of the bits with Nathan came out awkward and I was trying to decide if it was the acting or the writing. But I would not be surprised to see this show go to off-Broadway or, if it develops beyond a two character production (there's room for more characters and more scenes/numbers here) it could go all the way. So if you want to catch this show before the honor costs you $60 or $100 now is the time to do so. Besides, how often do you get to support emerging new talents in American musical theater?


Vanessa said...

Just read several days' worth of your blog. For some reason it's been blank everytime I tried to read it. The Blogger Booger struck. Anyway, I'm moving on July 29 and reading your post about boxes and all your stuff makes perfect sense to me. And, I squeal with glee whenever a delivery person enters my workplace with a box large enough to hold anything I own! You're not alone! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I move that you retract that statement, Ms Cupcake: I have absolutely NO desire to get married anytime soon, and that’s for goddamn sure. I simply stated that I could get a man to propose to me on the second date, just by withholding the sex -- which I would have withheld anyhow, by virtue of the fact I'm English. Oh, and I might add, I was right. Unlike you, my love, who salivates at the sight of strollers, and tears up at the thought of fueling the South African economy by making two months of some douchebag’s salary “last forever:” I ADORE BEING FINALLY SANS HOMME.

-Caroline "Princess Of Darkness" Dworin