Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Field Trip!

What you are looking at here is the Brooklyn Bridge made entirely out of cake.

I first heard about The Cakeman from The Bride, who said, "I call my cake man The Cakeman but he's not The Cakeman." Of course. Then I heard this story about The Cakeman on Public Radio's The Next Big Thing this weekend. It was a truly inspiring story. When I found out his store is in Brooklyn ... well, I'd say that calls for a field trip, wouldn't you? Check out the Menu. What do you think 7Up cake is? Only one way to find out. If I survive this move, we are paying our respects to Cake Man Raven.


Kari said...

I heard the same story! I heart The Next Big Thing. If I lived in your hood, we could go together. Sadly, I don;t veen live in your state.

Cupcake said...

Don't you love The Next Big Thing? I listened to it before I moved to New York, but living in New York only makes me love it more. Maybe Cakeman Raven could make your Wedding Cake!

kari said...

Ha! We are having cupcakes, natch! Five different flavors to be chosen by our guests through a Cupcake Poll.

I wish TNBT took submissions from random producers, but they don't. Sigh. My local public radio station doesn't carry the show anymore, so I have to listen online. Thank goodness for streaming audio!