Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Cupcake So Busy

Don't worry; I haven't accidentally sealed myself into a packing crate. Yet. I've just been so busy.

Good news: I've found a new (and improved) subletter. She's cute and funny and is almost a combination of the Princess of Darkness and Cupcake herself; if ever a person from Kentuckey could said to be the middle ground between a Londoner and a Rhode Islander. I told her last night she probably wouldn't want to move in until Sunday since I am moving out Saturday. She said, "I just have a suitcase. I don't have anything. I don't even have a bed!"

You think you're special? "Don't worry," I said. "POD has been living here for a year and still sleeps on an air mattress. I had no bed when I moved in here. I had nothing. Anyone who's interesting has a horror story about moving to New York. Mine involves shaving some dude's neck and getting kicked out of the Upper West Side. You'll be fine."

Then I tried to convince her to sell out, but she still has "hopes" and "dreams".

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Leah said...

Those hopes and dreams will get you every time!