Monday, June 13, 2005

POD Weighs In on Mortality

Monday morning and the boys in the office are being really needy. So while I sort them out, I am reposting the text of the Princess of Darkness' Birthday Party Invitation, as originally published on Friendster.

Saturday, June 18th: Calling all grown-up children (with valid over 21 IDs)

I have no driver's license, little clue what a 401(k) does, and have never even considered adding to my ethereal and empty saving account. On one occasion I was told I could "pass for 22, easy," and on another (by a thirty-something-year-old drunk called 'Declan,' against whom I was leaning and singing Molly Malone in a stranger's kitchen while drinking Tullamore Dew), "I thought ye were a lot older than 25, ye look it."And while I don't consider any of us "old" at all, I have recently acquired both a pair of nerd-glasses and an ulcer, and between the months of February and November cover myself in an SPF heavy enough to be qualified as fleece. So....If you're not too busy spackling your own wrinkles or bald spots, or selling off your college cache of marijuana for collagen shots in back alleys, please join me to celebrate Twenty-Six Anticlimactic Years of Caroline. PARTY on SATURDAY, JUNE 18th. (I'm thinking Brooklyn, right now, maybe at UNION POOL, in W'burg, but if this changes, I'll let you know...) Call cell xxx.

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