Monday, June 06, 2005

Maybe I'm not ready to Move to the Ghetto

I was supposed to go see an apartment in Crown Heights tonight; then I saw this story. I just called the property manager and said, "Hi, my name is Nancy. I was supposed to come by and see the apartment tonight around 7pm. I just saw the story in the NY Times about the man and boy who were shot in that neighborhood yesterday and I will not be coming by tonight." Ah, SuperSkater warned me. I must listen to SuperSkater.

Why is it so damn hard to find an affordable Studio in Brooklyn. Help!


Anonymous said...

dude, you can get shot anywhere. get over it.

Mary T said...

The benefits of living in the ghetto:

- a 24 hours "good ol' realiable liquor store"
- an occassional power outage to read by candlelight
- daily adrenaline rushes
- oh, and cheap rent.