Monday, June 20, 2005

High School Word Problems do not Prepare you for Real Life.

Solve for:

A) The Most Cost Effective Route

B) The Route with the shortest Travel Time

Remember: Use direct flights whenever possible. Mr. X will not fly anything other than a major airline.

Mr. X and Mr. Y need to be at a meeting in Sarasota, FL at 10:30am Tuesday. Aparently, there are no direct flights to Sarasota from anywhere on Earth. Check avaliability for Tampa, figuring in Rental Car and driving time. If they depart Monday evening, you will need to book an extra night at a hotel but they will both be travling from NYC metro airports. If they leave Tuesday morning, Mr. X prefers to depart from Westchester and Mr. Y from either Hartford or New Haven Airport.

X and Y must arrive in Washington, DC the following day for a 1:00pm meeting. There are no direct flights from Sarasota to Washington. Check flights out of Tampa Wednesday morning, figuring in time to return Rental Car and make sure the flight is into DC National not Dulles. Following meeting, X needs a flight back to Westchester and Y needs a flight to any of the following airports: JFK, LaGuardia, New Haven, Hartford.

For car service within NYC, book Limo B. For any ride with Westchester as starting point or destination, book Limo G. For service to Connecticut book Limo E.

Variable: If Mr. Z's meeting is cancelled this week , X and Y will need to squeeze in another meeting in DC next Wednesday morning. Re-solve so that they fly out of Tampa Tuesday night for a DC arrival. Try to avoid Rush Hour drive time. Rebook hotels accordingly.

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