Monday, May 09, 2005

NYTimes disses High School Drama Clubs

But really, can any of us argue with this description of a high school in Indiana:

"For in New Albany and beyond, high school theater - that land of expressionistic face-painting and galumphing tap routines, that refuge of nerds and spazzes, directed by former nerds and spazzes in endless cycles of "Annie" and "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" - has evolved into something far more elaborate. The facilities at New Albany include closed-circuit television monitors, 30 fly rails for raising and lowering set pieces, a large scene shop with its own loading bay. Forget cardboard sets and costumes made from sheets; New Albany's "Beauty and the Beast" last fall featured flying teenagers and motorized vehicles and cost $165,000."

Full length story here:
The Supersizing of the School Play.

Makes me nostalgic for the good old days (1998) when we produced a version of Steel Magnolias with a $200.00 budget. James and I had to put up some of our own money to cover bills. And if Tina Peppas' dad hadn't owned that hair salon, we would have been screwed. Good times, good times.

Just remember kids, you can't buy talent.


Mel said...

That was the best-acted play I saw at NKHS, btw.

Cupcake said...

Too bad you missed Crimes of the Heart and Marvin's Room the following year. I mean, they were no No No Nanette!, but we did our best...