Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More Fun with Roommates

Like most "Fun with Roommates" scenes, this one takes place in the hallway and inside our mind-bogglingly oddly shaped bathroom.

L'Ingenue: What's that?
Cupcake: It's my soap. The one Caroline says "smells like beans and ass."
Princess of Darkness: Ha ha ha. Did I say that? That's disguisting.
Cupcake: Yes. You said, (puts on best Scary Spice accent) "That soap smells like beans ... and ass!"
POD: Let me smell it. It does! It smells like beans and ass! Here, smell it.
L'Ingenue: No! That's gross!
Cupcake: Hey! I put that on my face. It's the soap my dermatologist told me to use.
POD: He was joking! He probably had a bet with the nurse, "Watch, I'll get this girl to rub this ass and bean paste on her face and collect a co-pay!"
Cupcake: (thinking about it) Oh my God. You could be right.

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