Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Filthy Minds

Dear Cupcakes, I have not foresaken you. I woke up this morning with a migrane, so I did the only sensible thing: I took some major drugs and went back to bed. So I woke up again around 1pm feeling much better and instead of playing hookey the rest of the day, I was actually itching to get into the office because I have so much work to do and didn't want to seem like a total slacker. So I got on the train and came all the way into Midtown thinking, I can stay late a few hours, I can get a lot done in four hours. So despite all the time I spend at work not actually working (ie blogging) it turns out that I do care about this job and want to do good work. Those of you who know me probably suspected as much.

And now for some cheap titilation.

I was walking back from dinner with the Princess of Darkness last night and she was, not surprisingly, talking about the boy in her life. Now although I have not met the dude, it seems like she has a good thing going, but like some other friends is unable or unwilling to see this for a variety of reasons that are probably best explored with a licensed social worker and not me because Fresh Air with Terry Gross is on. Here is a transcript of our conversation:

POD: I mean, he's just not funny!
Cupcake: What do you care?
POD: What do you mean 'what do I care'? That's the only thing I care about!
Cupcake: Can't you amuse yourself? Don't you make yourself laugh? What do you need someone else to make you laugh for?
POD: Well, you can jerk yourself off too, but it's nice to have someone else do it every once in a while.
Cupcake: Oh. Hey, that's a really good metaphor.
POD: God, I've been making myself laugh for so long, I don't think I'm funny anymore.
Cupcake: Hmm. I'm more concerned that I'm so good at making myself laugh, I won't find anyone else funny.

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