Tuesday, April 26, 2005

She Just Walks Around With It

Hey I found a new blog that I like: She Just Walks Around With It.

It's kind of like a West Coast Cupcake, our writing styles and topics are very similar, leading me once more to the crushing realization that I am actually not unique. At all.

"let's face it. ObGyns are the Voldemorts of doctors."

She also provides this helpful equation:

[aside: you know, i used to tell my boyfriend all my silly goings-on throughout the day. now i tell my blog. you do the math. (KS + Blog = my blog is my boyfriend = SPINSTER)]

A little close to home, Kristy, but hey, we're laughing on the outside...


k said...

hey nancy (et al),

thanks for reading my, uh, boyfriend. blog. whatever.

you rock, as does brooklyn. (not that i don't love san francisco, but i think it's evident i was NOT born here.)

adult tap! that's so cool! i would totally do that if i didn't trip so much! if you sign up, take pictures!

t-i-double m-y said...

I almost went through cupcake withdrawl yesterday with no postings sustaining me until well past "Days" - i mean 1 - but now it looks like i have an alternative for my daily sugar-blasted cupcake fix!

cupcakes of the world, unite

Cupcake said...

timmy- you are the mannliest cupcake I know. On a scale of cupcakes, you're like a double chocolate frosted.