Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Boris, can you hear me?

I just spent two hours on the phone with an IT guy in Germany named Boris. Two hours. I've had dates and surgeries that lasted less than two hours. I haven't spent two consecutive hours with my best friend since, oh, February? It was rather cozy, speaking a hodge podge of German and English, discussing the finer points of King Of Queens and making fun of the Spanish while waiting for files to copy, and print jobs to clear. And when he accessed my desktop through remote access, there was something so intimate about having him in my PC, and he could see everything I could see and thereby validate all my tech concerns. Yes, your print memory is low, it's not all in your head. He even stayed late, an hour past the close of his work day to help me. And when I told him I'd call back tomorrow morning after a HP technician could be consulted, he told me he was looking forward to it.

AM New York Guy. FedEx Guy. IT Boris. Guy at the Laundry who told me "Nancy" was one of the first English words he learned ... what the hell? How can I be such a total dating amateur, so relationship-retarded and yet hit it off with every customer service representitive who stumbles into my strange, small universe?

Maybe I should stop buying stamps online and actually go to the Post Office. Who knows? I might get lucky.

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