Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Rollercoaster Ride of Emotions

Those of you who know me from time spent in another country back in the day will remember that I love Kinder Schockolade Uberraschungs-Eier, or chocolate Surprise Eggs. These little gems are made by a German chocolate company, and you get a hollow chocolate egg with milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate on the inside (the chocolate quality is fair- other products in the Kinder line are much better). The big hook here is that inside the egg is a capsule filled with a toy surprise. Also, the toys have to be assembled, and these are not wimpy over-simplified toys. Some have taken me half an hour to assemble (keep in mind, however, that I am a Spaz).

I was complaining in Germany that I found a store to buy Surprise Eggs in New York, but one egg cost me $3.00. The other Frauen clearly thought I was crazy, because in Germany they retail for about 95 Euro cents. So, I was thrilled to find a Koren deli in Brooklyn stocking these beauties for only $1.19 USD. Of course, these particular eggs are imported from Poland, possibly why they are cheaper? and go by the catchy name "Kinder Niespodzianka".

I brought my Surprise Egg to work, opened it up, ate the chocolate as an afterthought and assembled my toy: a pink and orange dragon, whose assembly nearly caused my fingers to bleed. No problem! It's all part of the fun surprise! Then I saw an insert that advertised the Magical Kinder Egg Webiste. Joy!

The site has animation that made me giddy, and a choice of many, many languages. Let's play the Introduction again in Czech! Hooray! I even became a registered user so I could enjoy all the benefits of the site (location: "other country", age "24"). So I'm happily clicking away when the dancing egg asks me to enter my Magic Code. Wha? What Magic Code? They are showing an inset of a Magic Code that I should have found in my egg. Huh? Where is my damn Magic Code? I want to unlock the free games and qualify to win prizes and MORE SURPRISES! My life is so boring (not really). I need the excitement that only crappy European children-pandering chocolate-themed animation can provide!!

Perhaps I missed it in the capsule. I begin digging through the trash under my desk. "Where's my Magic Code? Where's my Magic Code?," I whine. I can now say with certainty, after emptying my 36 inch trash can, there was no Magic Code in my egg. Man, is anyone else tired of the Poles always getting the short end of the stick? Look at me! I'm a decision-making Kinder Executive, "Don't bother sending precious Magic Codes to Warsaw, those philistines won't appreciate them. Chosing between the two varieties of dish detergent at the store is all the excitement those folks can handle!"

I am starting a new quest to collect Kinder Surprise Magic Codes. Then I will deliver them to the children of Poland. Because that is the kind of person I am.

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