Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I may be fat, but I'm not trans fat...

I was standing in line at one of those little cafeterias that populate Midtown today and I looked down at my little can of Pringles. The label on the top announced "0 grams of fat". Now, I'm not a rocket scientist, but even this did not sound right to me. No fat in Pringles? I don't think so. So I checked the Nutrition Label. Oh yeah, there's fat in there all right. I flipped back to the top of the can and reading more closesly it said "0 grams Trans fat". Now here is my question, what the hell is trans fat? And if it is not in Pringles, one of the most unnatural foods I can think of (I'm sorry, am I supposed to believe this was a potato at one point?), then how does a girl go about getting some? Suck on a pig? Sit in a butter sauna? And if Trans Fat is bad fat, does that mean there is good fat? Come on people, enlighten me.


t-diddy said...

there are lots of good fats, sugar... look to the mighty cashew, almond, olive, avocado, and dark chocolate for good fats! shun the processed sweets, hydrogenated oils, and mystery meats, and you'll be fine.

the reason for the "no trans-fats" advertisement is b/c trans-fats represent a coronary loop hole in the nutritional information label... basically they're man-made fats that avoid the stigma of falling under the "saturated fat" label in order to dupe the public into thinking that things are better for you than they actually are.

eat as god intended! stick to the basics. hit the produce isle and find a sexy butcher, and you'll be all set

Cupcake said...

Produce aisle? What's that?