Friday, April 04, 2008

Speaking of April Fool's Day

Today on the subway I was sitting across from a man reading the New York Post. I saw that the cover story was about a pregnant man (Headline: "Pregnant Man's Baby Joy" and the man is holding a parrot, just to give you a visual here). Naturally, I thought this was an April Fool's Day story - then I remembered that today is April 4th. So I assumed the man across from me was reading a three-day-old paper. Now you and I might think that the news is somewhat "timely" and should be read accordingly, but people on the subway will generally read anything so as not to have to make eye contact with the person next to them. I thought, "Does the Post really have credibility to spare so much so that they can pull off an April Fool's Day hoax? I mean, I just generally accept that anything I read therein is not true, so ..."

Late this morning, now that I have some time to investigate such matters, I went to the Post's website and saw that this is indeed the story of the day. Apparently a pregnant transgendered man is having a baby and he appeared on Oprah yesterday with his wife. Oh baby. Sorry I missed that episode - I would be curious to see if Oprah and the audience treated the couple with dignity and respect.

Only slightly salacious photo spread from the Post here.

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