Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On my Second Day of Brooklyncation

On my second day of Brooklyncation I rose late and after I finally showered, I dragged myself to the bakery across the street for a cappuccino and a double chocolate biscotti. Then I walked to the park (Prospect, natch) for some rest and relaxation in the shade. The park was full of mommies, nannies, lovers and losers. I watched a soccer coach lead a pee wee team through calisthenics. The sight alone of four-year olds doing jumping-jacks was worth the price of admission. The coach only made them do 10 - I fear this country will never be a contender in the World Cup. I laid prone on the grass reading a yellow paperback. A mother with androgynous blond twin babies settled next to them and cooed at them in Russian. I contemplated becoming a Green Card bride so that I need never return to work.

I walked to the library and returned some books, whereupon I incurred a five dollar fine. Next year, I'm claiming the Brooklyn Public Library as a dependent on my tax return. I went to the ladies room and encountered a "Marty For Life: End Term Limits" sticker. Outside my stall, two older black women discussed the dangers of "waiting until the last minute" and when I exited I noticed that one of them had undone her fly and was clutching paper towels.

I decided to take advantage of a weekday afternoon to go shopping at Target, thinking that the place couldn't possibly be as crazy as it is on weekends. However there were still enough foul-mouthed toddlers, teenage mother and dysfunctional families in every color of the rainbow to make it truly depressing. But I was able to get a shopping cart without punching anyone in the face; that was a big improvement.

At night, MuppetLover and I took a walk to Fort Greene and ate in the courtyard at ICI. It was a fantastic meal and a beautiful night. Suggestions on how to spend the remaider of Brooklyncation are encouraged.


Alicia said...

Maybe go have breakfast/brunch at Tom's? On a weekday...when it isn't mobbed like Saturdays.

Or going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Joshua said...

Brooklyn Revolutionary history tour of course!

Just don't declare the vacation the Summer of Cupcake or anything, or it'll backfire. I swear.

jesse said...

Wait is this blog still functional?

Private Chef said...

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