Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On my first Day of Brooklyncation

No disrespect to the Big Easy, but I have been looking forward to having five days to bum around Brooklyn nearly as much as my trip to NOLA. There is something so decadent about cruising the leafy streets of Park Slope, laying around in the park and getting some leisurely shopping done while the rest of the grown-up world is at work (bartenders and hookers not included). Of course, in my neck of Brooklyn one must share the daylight hours with the ever present stroller brigade, but I'm not sweating it.

On my first day of Brooklyn Vacation (henceforth "Brooklyncation") I discovered an amazing lunch special at Sette in Park Slope. I had Parmesan fritters, bucatini pomodoro and a fine cup of coffee for ten bucks. Then I went to Tarzian West to shop for a bread knife, so I don't embarrass myself the next time Mr. and Mrs. Marcy come by. This day, I had the shop to myself and only had to worry about knocking over some wine glasses with my hip new tote bag. And, okay, in addition to the bread knife, I walked out with a new spatula and a silicone pastry brush (because Mrs. Marcy has one and I want one) but I restrained myself from purchasing the collapsible silicone colander, some new tea towels and the air-tight storage jars. George W. had better personally send me a thank-you note for all the dough I'm pumping into the economy. I took my time walking home and stopped at the new (to me) YoGo Monster, which I first inspected because I thought it might be a yoga studio with a sense of humour (these are lacking in Brooklyn). It's one of those new, natural Greek-style frozen yogurt joints. I had an amazing peach and strawberry twist cone, but wondered when a small ice cream cone hit $3.50. That makes me feel better about splurging on a pint of Ciao Bella.

I went home and took a roundly satisfying afternoon nap. Then I woke up, made scrambled eggs and sourdough toast, and watched more episodes of Law & Order SVU than is healthy thanks to Netflix InstaWatch. I dicked around with Word Press and was back in bed by 2:30am, lulled to sleep by the most recent podcast of Radio Lab. Erm, remind me to do a Google search for "Jad Abumrad" now that I have some time on my hands.

Brooklyncation, I think I love you.

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