Monday, April 21, 2008

Harrah's Casino

Made a sizable donation to the video slots here. If you think casinos are loud places, you should hang out here. I was sitting at a bewitching penny slot machine, happily sipping away on a diluted cocktail when a full second line jazz band complete with mummers marched through the casino and halted 30 feet from me to try to drown out the standard casino din with some dixieland jazz. Needless to say, I loved it. In addition to the band there was an unfortunate Native American (Chocktow?) rounding out the group, dressed in pink and sullenly banging a tambourine.


Joshua said...

I'm pleased you know what a mummer is. We have a Mummers' parade in Philly every year-and a Mummer Museum-and when I ever I tell people about it they're like, "Mum-mer?"

Cupcake said...

I don't remember learning about mummers, I just knew.