Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prisoner of Florida

So, I may have mentioned that I'm stuck in Florida until the weather in New York clears up and I can fly home. Hopefully, I'll get out of here tonight. My aunt and uncle have come down and we're all staying in the condo togehter. These people are serial television channel flippers - my father can't keep one chanel on for more than 30 seconds, I actually get motion sick sitting in the same room with him while he's just speeding through the dial (weak stomach, I know). The only thing that will keep hold these people's attention is American Idol, and funny home video clip shows. Also, I have learned that every network now has their own version of the home video show - Redneck home videos, animal home videos, Lifetime Television for Women home videos, etc... This is usually the point when I get up off the couch and slam my head in the sliding glass door a few times.

When my father is not destroying my neural pathways with his chanel surfing, we are fixated on this commercial. This commerical has no beginning and no end, it goes on for about 20 minutes. My father has already learned all of the words and likes to shout "In the box!" along with the guy. Watching this spot causes me to foam at the mouth and pee my pants. For a more complete taste of the Wakkie Nu Nu oeuvre, click here.

1 comment:

Beta said...
I can't believe I just watched that whole thing.
Sadly, I didn't hear the phrase "in the box" so I couldn't shout along with him like your dad.
This is almost as mesmerizing as the magic bullet ads.
Hope you get out of Fl soon!