Thursday, February 07, 2008

Come and Get Your Love

I have been recovering from being sick, so I cut out of the office at 5:45pm today, a ridiculously early time for me. I lumbered into my apartment building's vestibule at 6:30pm, dizzy from cold medication, and found two small packages for me thrown on the floor (this is how we do in Brooklyn). Mysterious impulse purchases I forgot about the moment after I clicked "check out now"? No, I suspect they are birthday presents! Someone sent me the Jens Lekman CD "Night Falls Over Kortedala" and a DVD called "The Cruise" which I actually had waiting in my Netflix Queue. Great choices, mystery friend! Now own up to the gift so that I can parcel out my affection to you, which we all know is for sale. I'm 90% sure I didn't by these things for myself while on a DayQuil bender.

1 comment:

jesse said...

maybe the same person who gifted me Cat Fancy magazine?