Tuesday, December 04, 2007

US Postal Service Possibly Running Out of Ideas

The other day I went to the Post Office on my lunch break (fourth circle of hell) to buy some holiday stamps for my Christmas Cards. Since I had plenty of time while standing in line at the Postal Store, I was able to inspect all the different kinds of stamps available for purchase, and I must confess I was smitten with the Vintage Mahogany Speedboat stamps, (ahem, nerd alert). However there were none of these beauties around for purchase at the counter when I finally arrived and there was no way on God's sweet Earth I was standing in another line for something that amounts to a handsome way to pay a tax, so I stuck to the holiday wares.

One more little gem caught my eye - I am speaking, of course, about the "Jury Duty Social Awareness" stamp, which has apparently been with us since Septmber 12th of this year. According to this press release, the stamp was released to coincide with Juror Appreciation Day, which salutes New York Jurors - a holiday I was woefully uninformed about. Now, I have not yet had the honor of being called to serve on a NY jury, but I can only presume that after you log your hours down at Borrough Hall, you are remembered for your service each September 12th by when you receive a coupon good for legal representation at one medical malpractice suit of your choice.

So, the Postal Service made a stamp to commemorate a societal obligation that most people will go to obscene lengths to avoid. Guess there's not much of a story there. Oh, I forgot one thing. They made Mariah Carey the celebrity spokesperson.


Muk said...

Great stamps. Reminds of the one time I as picked for jury duty and the foreman was this guy with a bright green head. Good times.

jesse said...

I am impressed with how:
a) the huge post office near my work (3rd and 55th) never has a line!
b) Mariah is one celebrity who mixes beauty and brains