Monday, October 08, 2007

The Italian Flava Flav

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You know what the good thing about going to work on Columbus Day is? You can get a seat on the subway. You know what the bad thing is about going to work on Columbus Day is? You're AT WORK on freakin' COLUMBUS DAY.

What did I miss? Scenes like this one at the Italian-American Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue.

What did I accomplish? Processing a FedEx package for shipment only to have my boss say, "Did that FedEx go out yet? I forgot to sign something." Then tearing it open so he could sign it and starting again - TWICE!

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Joshua said...

Columbus day seems like a weird day to be like "Super, Awesome, Italy day."

I feel like there should be an Italian unification day or a "Woo, Italian food is good" day.

I mean Columbus has some bad associations and may not have even been Italian.

Please pass this along to your leaders Cuppie.